Alumni News

WENDELL COOPER (MFA Dance) sends the following:

Tonight at 6pm EST we will be live streaming a work in progress showing of "Lost.In.Familiar.Places". It has been created in partnership with Connecticut College's Dance Department and the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology. 
Look out for the Youtube link around 5:30pm! 
Wendell Cooper 
Complex Stability™ 

Underground club culture and scientific inquiry meet in the dream world of a modern shaman. Interpersonal neurobiology and complex systems come together with multimedia performance to reveal meaning making mechanisms of the mind. Autobiographies unfold through the nonlinear logic of dream. 

Lost In Familiar Places is a performance and research project exploring audience awareness of embodied and mediated information processing. Through heart rate sensors, immersive audio/video landscapes, contemporary urban dance, spoken word, and singing, the audience journeys into consciousness and meaning making as an emergent process.

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LIZ NISTICO, who danced at GW until she graduated in 2012, writes:

Living in LA doing music videos. The latest music video from my band, holychild, premiered on MTV Buzzworthy.

We're still new, so if you like it and are inclined to share this with your friends I am deeply appreciative.  We're playing a show in DC on April 19th at Velvet Lounge.


ANGHARAD DAVIES (PSA Dance alum)  writes:
February 2nd I presented a new dance piece called Throb at the Outlet performance festival. Throb features 16 women, including Fenja Abrams, Emma Barber, Maggie Bergeron, Kenna Cottman, Alex Eady, Elise Erickson, Rachel Freeburg, Taryn Griggs, Erika Hansen, Serita Hewitt, Kimberly Lesik, Megan Mayer, Erin Search-Wells, Tabitha Steger, Stephanie Stoumbelis, & Itly Thayieng. We're sharing the evening with BodyCartography Project.

CHRISTINE ALEXANDER (B.A. Theatre, 2012, PSA) writes:
I just wanted to give you all an email chock full of information about the next three projects I will be working on.  At this point in my first year out of college I have hit the it's-easier-to-get-stage-management-jobs-so-I'm-taking-them-and-getting-paid phase.  This started with me stage managing a little Dada show at DCAC and escalated when I Washington Revels' 2012 Christmas Revels, thanks largely to Greg Magee who is the Production Manager.  This has led me to be offered jobs with Forum Theater, Happenstance Theater, and Young Playwrights' Theater.

First up on the docket is 9 CIRCLES with Forum Theater at Roundhouse Silver Spring. The show runs February 9-March 2 with PWYC previews February 7th and 8th and shows Wednesday-Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.  More info on the website:

Second (and immediately after 9 CIRCLES) I will be stage managing a collaborative dance and theater piece called Heartstrings and Shoestrings: Stories of Love and Woe, which Happenstance is doing with UpRooted Dance at Montgomery College March 7-17 at 7:30pm, Thursday-Saturday nights and 2pm Sundays.  Those performance times are subject to change at this point, but should be made clear on Happenstance's website sometime in February:  Either way, it's going to be a very cool show and I'm excited to work more with Sabrina (Mark will not be joining on this project)
Finally (though not finally for the year) I will be stage managing Young Playwrights' Theater's New Play Festival in April.  There will be two performance dates--one PG set of plays and the other a more PG-13 set on April 22nd and 23rd respectively.  Yes, that is a Monday and a Tuesday.  Both nights are at at the Gala Hispanic Theater in Columbia Heights at 7:30pm.  More information can be found on their website, with more specific information on this year's festival to come:

I am still auditioning for shows when I can.  I had one today that went very well.  I have one tomorrow that looks promising.  I've signed up for Source auditions and I already have a season audition ahead of me, so I'm aiming to keep my late spring and summer open and free of stage management commitments.  Don't want to get stuck entirely in that role in the DC theater community.