CAST Award Winners

Aaron Pollon

Paul Parady Award
Outstanding contribution to the department and its various production activities
Aaron Pollon

Matt Nickley

Kevin Peter Hall Award
Graduating senior who plans to enter the acting profession
Matt Nickley

Max Schwager

Todd Andrew Musser Award
Undergraduate student who has done the most in the current season to bring joy to the community through sheer determination and dedication, particularly in his or her contribution to the performance of a musical
Max Schwager

Andrew Flurer

Herbert Price Award
Student who shows a love for the performing arts
Andrew Flurer

Mary Bolwby

Nancy Johnson Award
Dance major or minor who has demonstrated outstanding capabilities as a choreographer through dance works created for the Mainstage concerts
Mary Bowlby

Celeste Harrison

Al Kincaid Award
Freshman or sophomore who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in design and/or technical production
Celeste Harrison

Elizabeth Burtner Award
Excellence as a performer in dance as a creative art
Ian Ceccarelli

Sara Abdulghani

Tim Evans Award
Design excellence on a Mainstage production
Sara K. Abdulghani (Twelfth Night Costume Design)

Angela Schopke

Maida Withers DCCI Award
Dance student for initiatives recognized as unique and not easily categorized
Angela Schöpke

Debbie Kennedy

Bradley Sabelli Award
Junior, senior, or graduate student demonstrating originality, ingenuity, creativity, productivity in achieving the design concept in the studio or on the stage
Debbie Kennedy