Alexandra Tweedley: Arts Administration in New York City!

Alexandra Tweedley
June 12, 2017

After graduating from GW with my BA in Dance in 2015, I had the opportunity to go to Columbia University to pursue a MA degree in Arts Administration. Learning about Marketing, Development, Strategic Planning, Accounting, and Law as it pertains to working in the Performing arts was an incredible experience and I learned so many skills to translate into an administrative position at an arts organization.

During my time in my Master’s program, I was able to work at Juilliard Global Ventures, a division of The Juilliard School dedicated to bring arts education from Juilliard to a Global Audience. As the operations assistant, I work with the team creating digital arts educational products for the public, including Juilliard Open Studios and Juilliard Open Classroom, a brand new suite of online courses. It has been a very exciting project to work on and I feel that I am able to apply the skills that I have learned in my Master’s program to my current position.

During my time at GW, learning all I could about the administrative side of Dance was fascinating to me, and an Internship at The Washington Ballet solidified my interest in this field. Coming to New York for my Master’s program has given me to opportunity to further explore this field and I feel very grateful for my time GW in TRDA for cultivating my interest in Dance both as an Artist and an Administrator.