The B.A. Degree Program of Study in Theatre

The B.A. degree program of study in Theatre combines both the theory and practice of this collaborative art form. The curriculum offers courses in the doing of theatre design, acting, playwriting, directing, and production work along with the study of aesthetic theory, theater history, and other conceptual and theoretical topics.

The curriculum is designed to give the Theatre Major a firm grounding in all aspects of theatre, while giving each student the opportunity to focus on a particular aspect of study (e.g. acting, design, dramaturgy), by the end of one’s senior year. Study Abroad opportunities are encouraged, as is the opportunity to do a Senior Honors Thesis, which can have a performance, creative, or scholarly focus.

The department maintains a list of courses that fulfill these requirements.

Special Honors: In addition to meeting the general requirements stated under University Regulations, candidates for graduation with Special Honors in Theatre or Dance must have a grade-point average of 3.4 in the major and complete TRDA 199: Honors Thesis with a grade of A. They must consult with a faculty advisor at the beginning of the second semester of the junior year to determine eligibility, area of study, and the director of the research or creative project.