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and i have been in process since june on an experimental performance work titled no subject lineage / a dance for them. an early iteration was presented in September as part of Triskelion Arts' COLLABFEST and we are very excited to announce four upcoming showings:


February 6 // bax upstart festival, 8pm

March 13-14 // triskelion arts split bill, 730pm

April 14 // dixon place split bill, 730pm

May 29 // fivemyles gallery, 8pm


some words:

no subject lineage / a dance for them is a live-composed dance theatre work-in-progress by registered domestic partners investigating ancestral/individual/shared lineage and drawing content from family histories & origin myths, artifacts of personal pasts, and evidence of imprints left over five years of partnership. we are working with a mutable shared vocabulary of choreography & monologues and inventing performative structures that allow for live-composition.


other things:

fun & odd process-oriented detritus lives here (especially hereand details about showings live here. please peruse!