Departmental Honors Information

Honors Proposal Thesis Form

Honors Thesis Proposals
Due April 15

Form available in Dept. office. Completed form must include adviser's signature(s). Submit completed forms by due date to Professor Burgess.

1. Types of Proposals
An honors thesis may be one of three types: written (including playwriting), performance (acting, choreography, dance, directing), or design. The three types indicate the object/process for evaluation. Special projects that fall outside the parameters of these three types will be considered.

2. Submission of Proposals
All proposals must be submitted by April 15th in the academic year PRECEDING the date of expected graduation. Proposals that include SPRING SEMESTER PERFORMANCE may, if necessary, be less detailed than ultimately will be required. However, these must still include a preliminary annotated bibliography. Complete detailed proposals for spring performances are due September 15th.

3. Requirements
An honors thesis may be undertaken only by a major in the department (Theatre Major, Dance Major, Dramatic Literature Major or an interdisciplinary major whose principal adviser is a faculty member in this department). Academic requirements are as follows:

a. Must have a grade point average IN THE MAJOR of 3.4;
b. Must complete TRDA 199 with a grade of A.  (A grade of A‐ or below will convert to      Independent Study credit).
c. One‐half of the courses required for the degree must have been completed at GW;
d. 50% of ALL courses taken at GW must have grades of A or B

4. Thesis Topics
An honors thesis represents the culmination of curricular and co‐curricular work IN THE DEPARTMENT. 
*Performance theses must be in the area of LIVE theatre or dance performance. A *design thesis MAY be provided for in a department subscription season productions. The faculty advisor(s) to the thesis must be equipped to evaluate the research area or creative endeavor.**

5. Scheduling of Performances Theses
Theses may NOT be scheduled in conflict with the Department's Subscription Series performances or tech weeks.

Fall Semester: a single block of time in Bldg XX at the end of the Fall Semester (two performances per thesis when possible).
Spring Semester: a single block of time in Bldg XX

Students interested in doing an acting thesis must audition to determine their eligibility early in the second semester of their junior before a committee consisting of the full‐time members of the acting faculty. Guidelines for these auditions are separately published. NOTE: Bldg XX must be returned to its original condition, including the light plot, after the thesis performance is struck.

DANCE: a single block of time in Building J after Thanksgiving break in the Fall Semester (two performances per thesis). Organized in conjunction with S.P.A.D.E. in the Dorothy Betts Theatre in the spring semester (one performance only).

6. Admission to Thesis Performance
The public is admitted FREE to a thesis performance. In the case of dance theses performed in conjunction with S.P.A.D.E., an admission fee is permitted only for the purpose of offsetting the additional expenses associated with producing in the Marvin Center Theatre. These are to be kept to a minimum by the Faculty adviser(s) and the honors candidate, and net proceeds are to be turned into the department for funding future honors theses. Under no circumstances are donations to be requested or accepted.

7. Departmental Support for Performance Theses
With the exception of theses occurring as part of the department's subscription season offerings, 
the department will provide access to any non‐disposable department materials (properties, existing scenic elements and costumes); the Bldg XX and Bldg J rep plots; photocopying directly associated with the project; additional approved expenses up to $100 (inclusive of any royalty payments); a second faculty reviewer if requested; notice of performances in MainStage programs; for theatre theses priority scheduling of rehearsal space after regularly scheduled classes and mainstage productions. 

*All performance and design theses will have a written (and in addition, in dance, an oral) 
component which must represent a critical self‐evaluation of the work.

**Exceptions to live theatre or dance performance as a medium are possible ONLY if the adviser has expertise in another medium AND if the student can present a reasonable amount of curricular work in the other medium. Departmental supportremains as noted in #5 of this document.

1. Auditioners: Acting Faculty 

2. Purpose: To determine whether the student's progress as an actor recommends that an honors thesis be undertaken. The acting faculty may not have had equal experience with the student in classes or in productions. The audition provides a forum for jointly assessing the student's progress and recommending the thesis or, alternatively, an independent study. This audition is in addition to all the normal eligibility requirements for undertaking an honors thesis as separately published. 

3. Audition will take place in early January 

4. Nature of Audition:
a. Material chosen should reflect the student's performance interests/expertise and should in some way anticipate the substantive interests of the potential thesis. For example, the student may choose to highlight acting range (comedy and drama, classical and modern, musical comedy and "straight" plays, improvisational acting and "literary" acting, or any combination that expresses performative range). OR, the student might choose material that focuses on a particular theme that the thesis would explore (autobiography, social conditions, etc.). 
b. The student may audition with one other actor, may choose to audition alone, or with a combination of scene and monologue material. 
c. The audition should be approximately 5-7 minutes long. 

5. Following the Audition: The faculty will notify the student whether she or he should propose a thesis in acting by April 15th, whether the student should consider another kind of thesis, or whether an independent study should be considered.

6. Students Studying Abroad: In the event an eligible student is studying abroad during the spring semester, such student will audition at the end of the fall semester. In the event an eligible student is studying abroad for the entire academic year, the student must make arrangements to audition prior to April 15th, at the faculty's convenience, the date by which written thesis proposals are due. 

Sign up sheet on department call board.