Theatre & Dance Alumni Reunion

Save the Date!

Dear fellow Theatre & Dance alumni, comrades in the Arts, and friends,
The Department of Theatre & Dance (TRDA) will hold its first official Alumni Reunion on April 1st and we are urging you to RSVP today.
If you’re anything like me, you get nostalgic every October reading the email GW sends announcing the lineup for that year's Alumni Weekend. And, if you’re anything like me, you decide not to attend because “I bet none of the other old theatre ‘gang’ will be there.” It’s time to reunite with each other, our campus, and our professors. 
What we are planning is a unique gathering especially for us.
What better excuse to come together than in honor of Alan Wade’s 40 year service to the department? That’s a lot of art created and shared and a lot of lives touched. Many of us entered the second floor of the Marvin Center or the basement of Lisner Auditorium brimming with enthusiasm and Alan was there to help guide us. Let’s send him off with herald trumpets blaring!
My freshman year, Alan directed Lear and Her Children; a production that became one of the reasons I still perform Shakespeare today. I’m sure we can all recognize the influence our department has had in our professional and personal lives. This spring Leslie Jacobson will direct King Lear with Alan in the titular role. 
The reunion activities will include a special Saturday afternoon performance in the Dorothy Betts Theatre followed by a reception and festivities fit for King Lear’s court in the beautiful atrium of the newly renamed Corcoran School of Arts & Design. Did you know the Corcoran school is now part of GW and the performing arts are now part of the Corcoran? Yet another reason to come and celebrate! Other activities will be announced as they are planned.
We invite you to reach out to the people you’d want to see on April 1st, encourage them to RSVP today. Maybe, in addition to what we have planned, organize your own meet-up with old friends for a beer and burger at Lindy’s, a Starbucks at the Gelman Library, or check out one of the many wonderful new restaurants and bars bordering our beloved campus. If you haven’t been back in a while, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!
Thank you,
Maggie Contreras
Alumni Reunion Committee Chair 
TRDA '06